Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's all just starting...

I have had a manic day. I have, for those who don't know*, for the past couple of months been searching for Graduate employment in Marketing/ PR. After a couple of interviews and Assessment Centres (see last blog on I finally came to the conclusion that work experience/ internships are probably the way forward. I am faced with a common dilemma; who can really afford to work full-time for free? (Wait in anticipation for my next blog on 

I am currently working as a Barista at a international coffee chain and am unwilling to give up the independence that my income affords me.  I have, therefore, settled for what I hope will prove to be a 'happy medium'.Today I had an interview with the head of Marketing for the shopping centre where I work; convenient huh? We arranged that I will work for them, on a voluntary basis, once a week and will get a chance to work on projects such as the Christmas Lights Event, a regional Retail Marketing conference and the local Fashion Week. 'I would be happy with anything you could throw at me' I insisted. My calender was filling up with amazing opportunities; and I almost had to theatrically fall off my chair when the words 'maternity leave in a couple of months' were uttered. Then I went to work and thought about my future to the hiss of steaming milk and the pouring of espresso - trust me its not as glamorous as it sounds. I have had a manic day. 

*Just about everyone!

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